Rodent and Trash Issues

If you are experiencing rats and want help from the city in addressing how to get rid of them, contact 311.  The call for service will be transferred to the DC Dept. Health, Rodent and Vector Control Division.  An inspector should respond within 3 days to assess the area and take steps to eradicate the situation.  If the problem is related to restaurant trash, the inspector can cite the establishment for code violations and work  with them to improve food and trash disposal.  For example, the city has a trash compactor incentive program that has benefited large volume trash establishments or groups of establishments that can share a compactor.  The manager of the Rodent and Vector Control Program is Gerard Brown;
If you are concerned about residential trash issues, such as overflowing trash cans, please contact DC Dept of Public Works Inspector Jacqueline Brooks-Garrett at; 202-427-0213.