ANC 3C Community Update

Welcome to ANC 3C Community Update

We are thrilled to launch the latest edition of ANC 3C’s Community Update Newsletter, aimed at keeping you informed about the latest developments, initiatives, and events in our vibrant neighborhood. As your Advisory Neighborhood Commission, we are committed to fostering a strong sense of community, promoting transparency, and advocating for the interests of all residents in ANC 3C.



Tenant Resources Fair 

Date/Time: July 14 at 11AM-2PM 

Location: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial – District of Columbia Public Library (901 G Street NW)

Unlock your power as a tenant! Connect with government agencies, service organizations, and community groups focused on housing. Join practical sessions about tenants’ rights and panel discussions on affordable housing. Learn more about local advocacy for safe, stable, and secure housing. ANC3C is excited to join ANC4B and ANC1A at this 2nd Annual Event and hope to see you there. More information and agenda is here


Ward 3 WMATA BetterBus Virtual Forum 

Date/Time: July 9 at 7PM-9PM 

Location: Virtual via Zoom (Register:

Save the date for the Ward 3 Better Bus Forum! Tuesday, July 9, 7 – 9 pm. Share with WMATA your questions and feedback on the bus system redesign.


An Update on the Cleveland Park Promenade

The DDOT Public Space Committee (PSC) has recently approved several new public space permits for sidewalk cafes along the Cleveland Park promenade, aiming to enhance the community’s dining experience and support local businesses. These permits allow cafes and restaurants to extend their seating areas onto the sidewalks, providing more outdoor dining options while adhering to guidelines for aesthetic appeal and pedestrian flow. This effort is part of a broader revitalization strategy to make Cleveland Park a more dynamic and enjoyable neighborhood for residents and visitors alike.

Cleveland Park has new tree boxes along its streets as part of an effort to enhance the neighborhood’s green spaces. These tree boxes, which provide essential space and nutrients for young trees, contribute to the community’s environmental health and beauty. Residents and businesses are kindly encouraged to occasionally water the trees, as is the practice throughout the District of Columbia and tracked via this dashboard map that many contribute to. An informal group of neighbors has organized to help – more information on that group can be found here. You can also find information from Casey Trees regarding street tree watering and the mission to restore, enhance, and protect the tree canopy of our nation’s capital.