Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your commissioner for any issues with the neighborhood, but these resources can help you expedite action and help your commissioner as well!

I am a tenant and am having issues with my landlord and/or home. What should I do?

The very first step is calling the Office of the Tenant Advocate: 202-719-6560. In addition, if you are in a multi-family dwelling, it is worth starting or engaging your tenants’ association. Your ANC Commissioner can help you engage on both these issues.

I need help with a non-emergency municipal service, such as a broken traffic light, trash can, abandoned car, sidewalk, or traffic safety issue.

Please submit a 311 request and email your commissioner with the 311 number along with the text of your submission and any supporting documentation.

I am feeling depressed, anxious, or just not myself. 

You can talk to someone now to help sort out your feelings and get the support you need. A trained mental health specialist is available anytime at 1-888-793-4357 (888-7WE-HELP). More information here.

I would like a response to a behavioral health issue. 

The Community Response Team (CRT) supports communities affected by public health emergencies or tragic events. The Community Response Team is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To learn more or seek treatment call 202-673-6495 or click here.

What is the security camera rebate program?

The Private Security Camera Rebate Program, administered by the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG), creates a rebate for residents, businesses, nonprofits, and religious institutions to purchase and install security camera systems on their property and register them with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

How can I access District Government resources for a Private Side Lead Replacement?

For residents with lead pipe on private property and non-lead pipe in public space the Lead Pipe Replacement Assistance Program (LPRAP) uses District funds to provide a free or discounted replacement.

How do I report a crime online? 

You can go to:

How do I get involved with the ANC beyond participating in monthly meetings to make our neighborhood better? 

You are encouraged to join (or start!) one of our many ANC Committees.

How do I find out about grants that the ANC provides? 

We encourage you to participate in the Community Engagement and Grants Committee, review our Guidelines, and contact the chair Gawain Kripke (

I have a residential single-family home application that is to be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB). How do I go about obtaining support from the ANC?

Contact your commissioner to let them know about your plans. You need to have a full application submitted to the HPRB before the ANC can consider any support. Please make sure you have submitted your application and it is available to the ANC through the HPRB portal. Then, you will need to schedule a discussion at the Residential Historic Preservation Review Committee. Here are our Minutes and Agenda and you can contact the Co-Chairs Sauleh Siddiqui (, Gawain Kripke (, and Rick Nash ( to ask to be scheduled at a committee meeting. The committee does not make any decisions, and your application will be voted on at a full ANC meeting following the committee meeting. Please ensure that the review timeline corresponds to when your application will be presented to the HPRB.