Temporary Police Parking Plan and Garage Construction Details

The Short‐Term Family Housing Advisory Team Meeting was held on September 28, 2017.  You may find the temporary police parking plan and garage construction details here.  Comments and questions should be addressed to Commissioner Bradbury at 3c06@anc.dc.gov.

Washington International School Expansion Plans

Click here to view the plans for the recent HPRB application for new construction at Washington International School, 3100 Macomb Street, NW. Click Here to read the ANC3C resolution from the May 2016 public meeting regarding the application. Click Here to read the Amended ANC3C resolution from the December 2016 public meeting regarding the application. […]

4000 Wisconsin Avenue Large Tract Review Application

Donohoe Acquisitions, LLC seeks to redevelop the property located at 4000 Wisconsin Avenue NW with a mixed-use project.  Please find the documents related to the 4000 Wisconsin Avenue Large Tract Review Application HERE. ANC 3C Resolution “2017-019 – Regarding a Large Tract Review for 4000 Wisconsin Ave.” is available here.

Monthly Report on Cleveland Park Library Construction

Every month during construction of the library Commissioners Hersh and MacWood will meet with the contractor and the DCPL project manager to discuss prospective construction activities and troubleshoot any issues associated with the construction.  Updated information on the Cleveland Park Library Construction may be found HERE.

ANC3C comment on WMATA FY18 budget cuts

WMATA has announced proposed budget cuts for WMATA for FY 2018.  In response to the proposed budget cuts, SMD09 Commissioner MacWood sent the following letter to WMATA regarding the 37 bus line, which runs along the Wisconsin Avenue corridor in ANC3C.

ANC approves Ward 3 Shelter But Wants Height Change

At the public meeting on February 21, 2017, ANC3C passed a resolution regarding the Short-Term Family Shelter proposed for 3320 Idaho Avenue NW.  The vote was 5-4 in favor of the resolution.  The resolution may be found HERE.

Shelter Documents

ANC 3C asked DHS/DGS to augment their zoning submission with additional documents and exhibits.  Those exhibits are linked HERE and the consultant’s traffic study is available HERE.  To read the city’s zoning submission and any comments that have been submitted to the BZA, file #19450, click HERE  

Homeward DC Omnibus Facilities Plan information

ANC3C has updated their website to include information on the Mayor’s Homeward DC Facilities Plan as it becomes available.  The information may be found by visiting anc3c.org/issues/homeward-dc-omnibus-facilities-plan/    A draft resolution to be presented at the June 2016 ANC3C public meeting has been posted here to facilitate transparency on the part of the ANC.