ANC3C Public Meeting – October 23, 2023

Date/Time: October 23, 2023 7:00 pm

Location: Zoom Meeting, Online, Washington, DC 20008

ANC3C October 2023 NOTICE & DRAFT Agenda 

Date/Time: October 23, 2023 7:00 pm 

Location: Zoom Meeting, Online, Washington, DC 20008

Registration Link:

The ANC meets every month (with the exception of August). An agenda and draft materials for the upcoming meeting is available at


As a neighbor, there are several opportunities to participate in an ANC meeting: You can make an Announcement, or speak during the Community Forum, or you can ask to be recognized by the Chair to speak during the Commission Business.

If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming meeting, draft resolutions or letters, or have interest in formally joining a standing committee, email the Commissioners at

I. Establishment of Quorum

II. Verification of Notice (Listservs: CP, WP, MAHCA, CAH, OG, QH Manager, Broadmoor Manager, Woodland Normandstone Liaison, NWC, KWTA, CP Main Streets, WP Main Street, CPCA, WPCA, ANC3C Notice List, Twitter and the ANC3C Website)

III. Approval of Agenda & Consent Calendar 

IV. Consent Calendar

  1. Approval of September 2023 Meeting Minutes
  2. Letter in Support of Reinstallation of Trash Enclosure at 2616 Connecticut Avenue, NW
  3. Letter to District Department of Transportation for Traffic Calming on Reno/34th St NW within ANC3C Boundaries
  4. Letter Requesting DDOT Restrict Large Trucks and Buses on the 2700 Blocks of Macomb and Ordway Streets NW and install “No Through Trucks and Buses” signs on those streets
  5. Resolution Regarding Landscaping of the East Side of the 3300-3400 block of Connecticut Avenue NW between Macomb and Ordway Streets NW
  6. Letter to the Historic Preservation Review Board regarding William Howard Taft Bridge Pedestrian Railing Improvement Project Concept Design (HPA 23-509) *Presentation & Discussion at SPECIAL MEETING 10/23 via Zoom at 6pm – separate registration link and notice*

V. Announcements 

  1. Single Member District Reports (5 mins)
  2. Committee Reports (5 mins)
    1. Safe, Sustainable, and Equitable Transportation
    2. Transparency & Public Process
    3. Community Engagement & Grants
    4. Planning, Zoning, Housing, and Economic Development
    5. Residential Historic Preservation
    6. Environmental Justice 
  3. Mayor, Council, Agency, Community Organizations (5 mins)


VI. Presentations 

  1. DC Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA), Christopher E. Lucas, OTA Program Analyst, Education & Community Outreach; Information on OTA’s mandate, services, capabilities and eviction prevention (10 mins)
  2. Community Education regarding Washington Gas’ PROJECTpipes Plan, Anne deBuys, CCAN Action Fund (10 mins)

VII. Community Forum – (Members of the public are invited to ask questions and raise concerns about issues that are not otherwise on the agenda. Please limit time to 1 minute.)

VIII. Commission Business

  1. Discussion and Consideration of Resolution regarding establishment of an ANC3C Public Safety Committee (10 mins)  

  2. Treasurer’s Report & Vote on Budget and QFR (5 mins)

IX. Adjournment