ANC3C Public Meeting – May 20, 2024

Date/Time: May 20, 2024 7:00 pm

Location: Zoom Meeting, Online, Washington, DC 20008

ANC3C May 2024 NOTICE & DRAFT Agenda

Date/Time: May 20, 2024 7:00 pm

Location: Zoom Meeting, Online, Washington, DC 20008

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The ANC meets every month (with the exception of August). An agenda and draft materials for the upcoming meeting is available at


As a neighbor, there are several opportunities to participate in an ANC meeting: You can make an Announcement, or speak during the Community Forum, or you can ask to be recognized by the Chair to speak during the Commission Business.

If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming meeting, draft resolutions or letters, or have interest in formally joining a standing committee, email the Commissioners at

I. Establishment of Quorum

II. Verification of Notice – (Listservs: CP, WP, MAHCA, CAH, OG, QH Manager, Broadmoor Manager, Woodland Normandstone Liaison, NWC, KWTA, CP Main Streets, WP Main Street, CPCA, WPCA, ANC3C Notice List, Twitter and the ANC3C Website)

III. Approval of Agenda & Consent Calendar

IV. Consent Calendar

  1. Approval of April 2024 Meeting Minutes
  2. Resolution in Support Regarding ABCA Application – Vinery, 3404 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 3
  3. Resolution in Support Regarding BZA Application 21118: 2850 27th St, NW – To construct a two-story side addition and convert to a principal dwelling unit, an existing, semi-detached, three-story apartment house in the RA-2 zone.
  4. Resolution in Support Regarding BZA Application 21125: 2400 Tilden Street, NW – To raze and existing accessory garage and construct a new, two-story, detached accessory building to an existing, detached, three-story with cellar, principal dwelling unit in the R-1A/FH zone.
  5. Resolution in Support Regarding HPRB Application 24-283: 3206 Rowland Place, NW – addition and exterior alteration.

V. Presentations

  1. On the morning of May 20th, the Executive Office of the Mayor informed us that Acting Director Kershbaum will not be attending because they will not be able to answer questions before the June 3rd meeting. Mayor’s budget brief by Acting Director of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Sharon Kershbaum (25 mins – 10 min presentation, 15 min Q&A)Mayor’s proposal

VI. Announcements

  1. Single Member District Reports (5 mins)
  2. Committee Reports (5 mins)

3.  Mayor, Council, Agency, Community Organizations (5 mins)

VII. Community Forum – (Members of the public are invited to ask questions and raise concerns about issues that are not otherwise on the agenda. Please limit time to 1 minute.)

VIII. Commission Business

  1. Resolution regarding grant application by Woodland-Normanstone Neighborhood Association for Normanstone Valley Invasive and Overgrowth Management
  2. Letter regarding BZA Appeal No. 21082 – Wardman Park – Closing Statement of ANC3C
  3. Treasurer’s Report

IX. Adjournment