ANC3C Public Meeting – March 18, 2019

Date/Time: March 18, 2019 7:00 pm

Location: Cleveland Park Library, 3310 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008

The full agenda will be available 1 week before the public meeting.

The ANC meets every month. An agenda for the upcoming meeting is available here.

As a neighbor, there are several opportunities to present to the ANC during a meeting: You can make an Announcement, or speak during the Community Forum, or you can asked to be recognized by the Chair during the Commission Business.

If you have any questions or comments about the upcoming meeting, email the Administrator, Rachel Worsham, at

I. Establishment of Quorum

II. Verification of Notice (Listservs: CP,WP, MAHCA, CAH, MG, OG, Ward3DC, QH Manager, Broadmoor Manager, Woodland Normandstone Liaison, NWC, Twitter and the ANC3C Website)

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Announcements

V. Community Forum – (Members of the public are invited to ask questions and raise concerns about issues that are not otherwise on the agenda.)

VI. Consent Calendar

  1. Authorize holding financial documents and ANC checkbook at Treasurer and Commissioner Boucher's home
  2. Resolution regarding RPP Parking for the 3800 and 3900 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW
  3. Letter regarding Comment on Revised Draft Small Cell Antenna Regulations
  4. Support for the CPBA Main Street Proposal

VII. Commission Business

  1. Introduction to Zoo Chief of Police Covington and presentation with MPD Lt. Ralph Neal on Zoo-related traffic, noise, and safety issues
  2. Consideration of a Resolution regarding the University of the District of Columbia’s Equity Imperative Plan and First Choice initiative
  3. Consideration of a Historic Preservation Review Board Application for a one story plus penthouse addition to 3432 Connecticut Avenue NW
  4. Consideration of a Resolution regarding DDOT Notification (19-34-PSD) of Proposed Installation of Contra-Flow Bicycle Lane on Woodley Place, NW

VIII. Other Business

IX. Adjournment

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a project or concern to be considered at this or any upcoming meeting, please contact your ANC Commissioner. Thank you!