Commissioner Testimony

Commissioner testimony before governmental agencies is a crucial part of the ANC’s operations and representation.  As issues arise, Commissioners may testify on behalf of their respective SMDs or the Commission as a whole.  Chairs of the committees are responsible for any governmental action that may affect the community.  For contact information about the individuals listed below, please click the Commissioners page.

Government Affairs: Commissioner Reba
Historic Preservation: Commissioners MacWood
Information Technology: Commissioner Finley
Planning and Zoning: Commissioners MacWood

Copies of Commissioner Testimony may be found here:

  • May 1, 2013:  Commissioner May’s (ANC3C08) testimony at the Public Oversight Roundtable on the Wisconsin Avenue Streetscape Project , Council of the District of Columbia Committee on Transportation and the Environment (testimony)
  • September 29, 2016:  Commissioner MacWood’s (ANC 3C09) testimony at the Council of the District of Columbia, Committee on Housing and Community Development regarding the Hearing on ANC Omnibus Act Amendments of 2016, as a representative for SMD3C09 (testimony)