ANC3C and Historic Preservation

A large portion of the Cleveland Park neighborhood has been designated a historic district. Historic districts put limits on the alterations that can be done to the exterior of a home. When considering a renovation or addition, homeowners should learn about the process to make their improvements go more smoothly.

First, to find out if your home is in a Historic District, consult the maps at the Historic Preservation Office (HPO).

If you are considering a major renovation or addition, you should review the HPO design guidelines, then call the HPO office at (202) 442-7600.

Changes to properties in a Historic District must be presented to the Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB). HPRB members are appointed by the Mayor (and approved by the DC City Council) for three-year terms. The HPRB meets on the fourth Thursday of the month. In order for HPRB to review an application, it must be submitted by the fourth Thursday of the previous month.

During the month between submission and review, the ANC and the public receive notice of the application. The ANC reviews HPRB applications during their regular monthly meetings and at Historic Preservation Committee meetings, normally the first Monday of the month. Contact your ANC Commissioner if you wish to present your plans before the ANC, or if you have any questions about the process.

Additional information about the historic review process is available on the Office of Planning and the DC Preservation League webpages.