ANC Coordination Issues

Issues confronted by ANC3C often affect multiple ANCs in Ward 3 and beyond. The following issues have been the subject of Resolutions and/or Recommendations by multiple ANCs:

1.  Expansion of Capital Bike Share (CABI) into Ward 3:  Resolutions supporting the expansion of Capital Bikeshare (CABI) into Ward 3 have been passed by ANC3C (Resolution 2012-027 passed on November 13, 2012), ANC3B (Resolution passed on October 18, 2012), and ANC3F (Resolution passed on October 11, 2012).

2.  Modernization Issues:  

2a.  Modernization of Proper ANC Notice by City Agencies: Resolutions supporting modernization of proper ANC Notice by City Agencies have been passed by ANC3C (Resolution 2012-019 passed on July 17, 2012), and ANC3B (Resolution passed on July 12, 2012). ANC3E is expected to consider this matter during August. The undersigning ANCs are considering the appointment of a common speaker to represent their views regarding this issue with the appropriate City Agencies.

2b.  ANC Payment modernization. a) To modernize the DC Auditor systems, so that ANCs may migrate fully from paper to digital, and may receive their quarterly allotments electronically (instead of the current paper checks that get lost in the mail), and b) to remove electronic payment restrictions on the ANCs, so the ANCs may pay their recurring and regular payees electronically. This would be very useful to pay the ANC monthly office rent, instead of having to mail checks.  ANC3C passed a resolution on this matter on June 17, 2013.

2c.  Modernization of ABRA Notices to the ANC, from paper to a web based system. We currently receive stacks of paper from ABRA, with renewal notices intended for other ANCs. It will be very helpful to receive such notices via email or even better, via a web based system where the ANC Commissioners may look up all notices in their SMDs.  It would be especially helpful for ANCs to receive notification from ABRA of institutions requesting changes in their licenses or entertainment endorsements, so that the ANC may take proper action in a timely manner.

2d.  When modernizing City IT systems that provide notice to the ANCs, such as the new DDOT TOPS system, ensure the workflow process goes beyond providing notice, and after the ANCs file their comments, and the Agency makes their decision, the online process workflow returns the ANCs, and gives the ANCs an opportunity to enter their opinion whether they were given great weight on an issue or not. This is important information for both the Mayor and the Council.

3.  Mayor-ANC Meeting Agenda:  To improve Mayor-ANC Meetings, the ANC3C recommends the Mayor publish the meeting Agenda in advance, thus providing the ANCs with proper notice and an opportunity to comment on the proposed agenda. The ANC3C also recommends the meeting prioritize ANC issues backed with proper Resolutions versus SMD issues with no ANC Resolutions.

4.  Mechanism for Settling Disputes:  Explore a mechanism to address unresolved issues between the executive branch and the ANCs, such as arbitration, mediation, or some other mechanism. (Note, we already passed a Resolution about this, we can link it here)

5.  Electric Streetcar System Expansion: Proper public hearings, debate, and dissemination of information regarding the feasibility of extending the electric streetcar system along Wisconsin Avenue, with proper ANC consultation.

6. Green Alleys:  Increased focus on green alleys (use of permeable pavers instead of concrete), prioritizing those with ANC support.

7. Under-grounding of Public Utilities:  Under-grounding of public utilities, and in those case where the cabling must remain aerial a significant increase in the height of the poles above tree canopy. The ANC3C finds very important for all ANCs to be consulted and involved in the process of prioritizing the under-grounding schedule by street.
This list of issues was formally approved by the ANC3C at a properly noticed public meeting on July 15, 2013.