ANC3C Resolutions and Letters

Res #NameDateAgency
2017-031Resolution Regarding Support of DC Bill 22-0223, Public RestroomsDecember 18, 2017DC Council
2017-030Regarding a HPRB application (HPA18-104) for 2803 28th Street NWDecember 18, 2017HPRB
2017-029Regarding the "Comprehensive Code of Conduct of the District of Columbia Establishment and BEGA Amendment Act of 2017"November 13, 2017DC Council
2017-028Regarding ABRA Class B License Renewal for Giant Cathedral CommonsNovember 13, 2017ABRA
2017-027Regarding an HPRB Application for 3900 Wisconsin Ave - NASH-Roadside LLCNovember 13, 2017HPRB
2017-026Regarding a DDOT Public Space Application for 2939 Newark Street CombineNovember 13, 2017DDOT Public Space
2017-025Regarding ANC3C Support of "Sense of the Council Urging Reassessment of Relationship with Wells Fargo Resolution of 2017"November 13, 2017D.C. Council, D.C. DISB
2017-024Resolution regarding an HPRB Landmark Application for Fannie Mae October 16, 2017HPRB
2017-023Resolution regarding an HPRB Application for 3618 Ordway StOctober 16, 2017HPRB
2017-022Regarding a BZA Application by St Alban's SChool, (BZA 19606)October 16, 2017BZA
2017-021Resolution Regarding Hearst Field And Proposed Ward 3 Outdoor PoolSeptember 18, 2017DGS, DPR
2017-020Resolution Regarding Recognition Of Lt Ralph Neal's Service To MPDSeptember 18, 2017MPD
2017-019Regarding a Large Tract Review for 4000 Wisconsin AveJuly 17, 2017Office of Planning
ABRA Order2017 ABRA Order 2017-423 Re Silver DinerJuly 17, 2017ABRA
Settlement Agreement2017 Silver Diner ABRA Settlement Agreement 3404 Wisconsin AveJuly 17, 2017ABRA
2017-018Regarding Silver Diner ABRA Settlement Agreement 3404 Wisconsin AveJuly 17, 2017ABRA
2017-016Regarding ANC3C Endorsement of WPCA's Comprehensive Plan GuidelinesJune 19, 2017Office of Planning
2017-015Regarding a DDOT Public Space Application for 3404 Wisconsin Avenue Silver DinerMay 15, 2017DDOT Public Space
2017-014Regarding an ABRA Class C Application for 3404 Wisconsin Avenue Silver DinerMay 15, 2017ABRA
2017-013Regarding the Office of the People's Council on the Pepco Distribution Rate IncreaseApril 17, 2017Pepco
2017-012Regarding the DDOT LED Streetlight ProjectApril 17, 2017DDOT
2017-011Regarding a BZA Application for 3000 Cathedral Ave - Maret SchoolApril 17, 2017BZA
2017-010Regarding an HPRB Application for 2607 Connecticut AveApril 17, 2017HPRB
2017-009Regarding an HPRB Application for 3501 Newark St - Rosedale FarmhouseApril 17, 2017HPRB
2017-008Regarding an HPRB Application for 3017 Rodman StreetApril 17, 2017HPRB
2017-007Regarding a BZA Application for 3320 Idaho Avenue - ST Family Emergency ShelterFebruary 21, 2017BZA
2017-006Regarding a DDOT Recommendatino for the 3300 Block 39th Street - Washington Hebrew CongregationFebruary 21, 2017DDOT
2017-005Regarding a DDOT PS Application for 3339 Massachusetts Avenue - VaticanFebruary 21, 2017DDOT Public Space
2017-004Regarding a DDOT PS Application for 3708 Macomb Street - JettiesFebruary 21, 2017DDOT Public Space
2017-003Regarding the 2017 United Airlines Rock N Roll MarathonFebruary 21, 2017Special Events
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